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We’re Here for You!

Our team of certified accounting professionals work tirelessly to bring you the accounting assurance you deserve. We are committed to our clients, helping them work and live without worrying about their financial management concerns. Schedule a consultation today and see what tax and accounting services we can offer you.

With a decade working in every aspect of accounting and tax industry, Charlie is an expert when it comes to tax minimisation at a high level. He has dedicated his life to solve countless number of tax problems for our clients who are either high-income earners or small businesses (seriously - he is that much passionate about helping our clients!)

To be honest, Charlie's list of qualifications is as long as the length of his years in the industry. But, most notably, he is a qualified Tax Agent and Self-Managed Super Fund specialist.


Kim has been working in the accounting & taxation industry for over 5 years after completing her Master’s Degree in Accounting. She is specialised in bookkeeping and taxation for small & medium business. Kim is committed to supporting her clients to achieve their goals by delivering high-quality but cost-effective solutions. She loves communicating with clients to understand their objectives and concerns. This enables Kim to help our clients overcome challenges on their way to long-term success.

Kim has been the backbone of our company from the very beginning, making sure we’re as organized and effective as possible in managing our clients accounting needs. You can count on Kim to be with you every step of the way.

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