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'The Warriors of Accountancy'

If you are looking for a large accounting firm, we are not the one. But we can guarantee with you that 'We are the most passionate and resilient accountants that you can ever find'. 

Most of our team members come from the disadvantage sides of the world. To be accepted for an equal opportunity to be here and serve you today, we have fought through our own battle both physically and emotionally. We bring this fighting spirit to work everyday and will do whatever it takes to solve our clients' problem.

Even earning good salaries working for the 'big boss', we felt empty deep inside our hearts, knowing that we could do a lot more to help our clients. We finally found fulfilment through the establishment of HQD.

HQD is not a start-up to us. This is where we celebrate our deeply-rooted Eastern values of integrity, humility, honour, respect, discipline, courage and compassion. This is our life!

‘Business is just a fight. It's a fight for your dream. It's a fight for bringing more values into this world. Every great fighter needs a great coach who can unleash their full potential. And we can be your coach!’

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